Are You Using YouTube?

Are You Using YouTube?

Quick. What’s the second largest search engine?

Bing? Yahoo?

Nope. It’s YouTube. And therein lies the power behind leveraging YouTube as an important tool in your marketing suite.

Hear from Laura:

YouTube has become the best way to achieve quick, easy, compelling, targeted brand awareness. Try it. Enter “landscape design.” On the top level, you’ll find the following:


  • Landscape design software
  • Landscape design ideas
  • Landscape design ideas – front yard
  • Landscape design tutorial
  • Landscape design photoshop
  • Landscape design drawing
  • Landscape design app
  • Landscape design principles
  • Landscape design sketchup

Click on any of these and you will see a dozen or two additional options on level two. Now, if you’re a landscape designer or landscape architect, the perfect place for your video ad is right there – your audience is served up on a silver platter, ready to hear your special message.

Natalie’s Notes:

Did you know that ads have 93% viewability and 95% audibility? YouTube drives awareness of your brand, consideration for your product and traffic to your website. It is the beginning of the customer’s journey and a great way to introduce your brand to those who don’t know they want your product yet. What I really liked about Youtube was that it offers precise ad targeting through:


  • Demographics/Geographics
  • Customer behavior and interests
  • Content targeting (content that your audience is watching)
  • Life milestones
  • Can track purchase behavior changes such as marriage, graduation, moving and more.

I’m excited to try these out for our clients who use YouTube!

Drew’s thoughts:

It’s interesting to me that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. I would have assumed Yahoo or Bing to take second place. I also learned that Google owns YouTube and is doing whatever it can to make advertising on the platform easier.

Alyse’s takeaway:

When using YouTube you can leverage your business and make the most of your marketing. The percent of people who watch TV has reduced and the streaming of videos has grown. With all the access to online videos the reach has grown, however the attention from your audience is scarce. Using Google AdWords and YouTube together can help you target your specific audience. Companies will have the ability to customize their ads based on who’s watching, the interests of your viewers and the content they are searching for. With YouTube, you can make sure your content is optimized for organic engagement, rather than forced.


It was interesting to see how YouTube is the second most used search engine behind Google. Over 1 billion hours are watched each day, with 1 hour spent on mobile a day, that’s a lot of hours! This Google Partners Event was very helpful for our team and we’re excited to watch more webinars. Stay tuned!

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