A Quick Breakdown on Snapchat Advertising

A Quick Breakdown on Snapchat Advertising

Perhaps one of the most popular social media platforms today, Snapchat, is growing rapidly among younger demographics. As the platform grows so does the advertising opportunities. Check out this quick breakdown on Snapchat advertising:

Who’s On Snapchat

More than 200 million people use Snapchat and more than 100 million users are accessing the app every day. It’s estimated that of these 100 million daily users, the average user time spent on the app is 30 minutes! Compared to the 15 minutes spent on Instagram and the 1 minute a day spent on Twitter.

Before you decide to market on Snapchat, it’s important to understand who is using it.


  • 37% of Snapchat users are ages 18 to 34 years old
  • 26% of Snapchat users are 25 to 34 years old
  • 70% of users are estimated to be female
  • Snapchat reaches 11% of the US digital population

Types of Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat offers a variety of advertising options, each with their own rules, restrictions and cost limitations. Here’s a brief breakdown of the main three types of Snapchat Marketing: geofilters, general advertisements and lenses.



The most popular (and most cost-effective) form of marketing on Snapchat is the geofilter. Geofilters are customizable frames that users can apply to their snaps. These are typically set around a specific event/location. Once you’ve drawn out your filter (according to Snapchat’s guidelines, of course), you simply choose where you’d like it to apply, the time frame you’d like it to be available and submit it to Snapchat for review. Or you can choose one of their available frames. It’s as easy as that!


Snapchat Advertisements

The next level of Snapchat marketing are general advertisements, which are imbedded within user stories. The minimum budget to utilize these advertisements is $10,000 per month, excluding any agency or production costs. These advertisements feature a long list of requirements and restrictions, including:

  • Videos must be three to 10 seconds long and vertically formatted
  • Content must be approved for audiences ages 13 and up
  • Advertisements must feature visible branding

Click here for a full list of Snapchat’s advertising guidelines.



By far the most expensive form of Snapchat advertising, brands can create fully interactive, nation-wide lenses for users to share with their friends. Lenses include animated actions that can be launched by raising your eyebrows, opening your mouth, blowing a kiss or some other recognizable motions. With minimal costs around $450,000 for one lense, this form of Snapchat marketing is best reserved for large, national organizations.  


As with any type of advertising, utilizing Snapchat is all about trial and error. Start off small with a few varieties of geofilters and slowly work your way up to the larger, more expensive ad types. Just remember, users will only interact with or remember your ads if they are engaging and creative.

We’re Proud to Be the Winners of The PRSA Merit Award for Humane Society Of Macomb Community Relations Campaign

We’re Proud to Be the Winners of The PRSA Merit Award for Humane Society Of Macomb Community Relations Campaign

We were recognized by the East Central District of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) with a Merit Award in the Community Relations category for a community relations campaign on behalf of the Humane Society of Macomb (HSM).

The campaign included multiple platforms and focused on repositioning public sentiment following protests mounted by a watchdog group accusing HSM of unfit conditions, mistreatment of animals and improper euthanizing techniques. Although the accusations were unfounded, HSM worked hard to improve the overall atmosphere and the animal areas. Their walls were painted in bright colors, kennel spaces were improved and cats were separated from dogs. A new attitude of transparency became the norm.

We helped HSM respond positively on social media, resulting in increased adoptions and improved website communication for the shelter. It was gratifying to see that, after our efforts, the online conversation began to change, the protest group started to post positive comments and communication about the shelter.

We also set up a volunteer portal, optimized blog content and made the website mobile-friendly. In addition, an updated adoptions section was created, and we worked with PetFinder to increase the number of adoptions. Our team also improved website communication that resulted in an increase of 132% in Facebook “likes” and an increase of 222% in Facebook page impressions.

In addition to drastically reducing the amount of negative online commentary, HSM won a Gold Medal Award from the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance as Shelter of the Year. The shelter’s “save rate” jumped from 70% to 98.1% during the course of the year. Volunteer ranks swelled from under five to almost 200.

While it is always nice to win an award, the best reward is to be able to help a partner achieve and exceed their goals. This is why we do what we do!

SS Digital Media’s Favorite Super Bowl Moments

The 2017 Super Bowl was one for the records. The first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime, the game had us all at the edge of our seats. From the commercials to the halftime show, all of us at SS Digital Media found different moments to be the highlight of the night. Here’s our favorite moments from Super Bowl LI.

Nick Skislak: Budweiser – This commercial was a great reminder of how we built this country.  Amazingly inspirational.

Michael Taylor: The Verizon commercials. They were some of the only funny ones this year.

Tessa Feeley: Melissa McCarthy’s Kia commercial because she’s hilarious of course!

super bowl commercial

Amanda Friedt: Did you guys check the Justin Bieber Six Flags Meme? Classic. The drones were amazing too!

justin bieber

Krista Krautner: All of the glorious food because everyone knows indulging in taco dip and wings is the most important part of the Super Bowl… What is football?

Michael Muscat: Julian Edelman’s unbelievable catch.

justin edelman

Dave Salazar: The drones during Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. They were so well coordinated.  

Natalie Roosa: Guacamole and all of the amazing memes posted during the game.

salt bae super bowl

Allyssa Costanza: The Mr. Clean commercial was hilarious. I’m hoping my boyfriend was paying attention!

Elise Hubel: I loved the Lady Gaga Spongebob memes and the fact that they were posted within minutes of the halftime show.



What was your favorite moment from this year’s Super Bowl?


Meet Allyssa, Our Newest Team Member!

We are excited to announce that we have added another member to our work family at SS Digital Media! We recently hired Allyssa Costanza as our Digital Marketing Specialist for the accounts team. Hear what Allyssa has to say about her new role at SSDM:


“I graduated from Oakland University with a B.A. degree in Communication including a focus in
advertising in April 2015. Coming from an early education background, jumping into the professional world took a bit of adjusting. However, after an internship resulted in my first full-time “adult” gig with a local digital marketing agency, I quickly adjusted. My time at the agency was full of different experiences. From paid advertising optimization to account management, it feels as though I’ve done it all! Although it’s always bittersweet to leave a fostering, educational environment, joining SS Digital Media felt like the right step to help further my career.”

“I am very excited and optimistic for the opportunity to join SS Digital Media’s team as the Digital Marketing Strategist and use the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired to help the company flourish this year.”

We are excited to have Allyssa on our team!

Day 1 of SMX: Morning Break Down

Two sessions down, so many great conversations, and still so much more to uncover. Here is my quick recap of this morning’s sessions.

Session #1 – Enterprise SEOs, Unite!

1. Simon Heseltine – Global Head of SEO, Hewlett Packard – @simonheseltine
2. Scott Nickels – Director, Audience & Engagement, Hearst Autos – @scott5cents
3. Amber Fehrenbacher – Chief Marketing Officer, SuretyBonds.com – @afehrenbacher
Moderator – Chris Sherman – Partner & VP Event Programming, Third
Door Media, Inc., – @CJSherman

This session covered how these speakers solved their own unique technical and structural issues and helps us think how we can solve our SEO problems.

My take:
It is refreshing to hear from other leading professionals, at larger enterprise level companies with robust internal teams – who run into some of the same challenges agencies do. It is not uncommon for people to launch a website and ask SEO questions later, only to find out they aren’t getting the traffic results they anticipated. Segmenting your data is just as important, maybe even more so in understanding top performing marketing results. Team communication is just as important, SEOs need to talk with the designers, developers, copywriters, marketers from conception of a Web project. The big companies accidentally no-index their sites sometimes…whoops. Mistakes do happen, I think it’s great to know that as search professionals, we are all in this together.

Take aways:SMX panel

  • Get your teams certified— all of them
  • Get a communication plan place
  • Work closely with your developers
  • Everyone runs into issues, no matter the size of the company or team

Click the links below to see their presentations:
How To SEO In The Enterprise By Amber Fehrenbacher

Enterprise SEO: The Final Frontier By Simon Hesel

You Might Be An Enterprise SEO If…By Scott Nickles

Session #2 – Getting AMPed: What You Need To Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages & Google


  1. John Shehata – VP, SEO, Conde Nast – @jshehata
  2. Elite Truong – Product Manager, Partner Platforms, Vox Media – @elitetruong
  3. Adam Greenberg – Global Product Partnerships, Google – @adamgreenb
  4. Moderator – Danny Sullivan – Founding Editor, Search Engine Land – @dannysullivan

This session focused on what you should be doing to take advantages for accelerated mobile pages to help drive new traffic opportunities on Google.

My take:
Wow! This was a motivating session! There is so much happening in the mobile world. This new Google project is increasing speeds on the mobile content tenfold! This new project was developed because of the following mobile issues:

  1. SMXSlow page load time
  2. Scrolling issues that were non-responsive
  3. Content that shifts around

What AMP intends to deliver:

  • Increase page speed – Faster delivery times
  • A solution to caching
  • Easy implementation
  • Enable monetization
  • Embrace the open Web – AMP is open-source AMP – Open source github.com/ampproject/amphtml

Did you know??? 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • AMP Page Load Time Average – .7 seconds
  • Mobile Page Load Time – 22.0 seconds

Take aways:

  • SERP results start showing AMP pages – September 16, 2016
  • Large increase in rankings and CTRs are seen across those who are currently testing

Click the links below to see their presentations:
Getting AMPed!! By John Shehata

Storytelling on Google Search By Elite Truong

AMP: Above & Beyond By Adam Greenberg

Stay tuned for SMX Day 1 Afternoon Recap!

Google Removes Right Side Ads

Google Removes Right Side Ads

Google made a BIG change that impacts how advertisements appear on search results pages. Google will no longer serve text ads on the right side of organic results, with an exception!

Google rolled out a HUGE change to remove ads on the right side of search results. In exchange, the ad placement is only at the top and/or bottom of the page. There could be as many as four ads above the organic search listings which Google calls “highly commercial queries.”

Let’s Break This Down for You:
Instead of showing up to 11 ads on a page, there is only room for 7 ads. This is a decrease of 36% of ads that show on a search results page. This new feature has affected users worldwide in all languages.

Why Did This Happen?
Google’s right side experiment has been in the works since 2011, according to Search Engine Land reports. This experiment has led up to this big change to test if bottom ads could be launched in larger markets.

There is an Exception!
Ads will not appear on the right side of desktop results with the following exception:

Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes: use existing Merchant Center product data to decide what will appear in the results. These ads are separate from texts ads with two rows of products. Shoppers can find the best match before clicking to make a purchase.

Example: If you sell slippers and have a text ad for slippers on sale, a customer could see both of your ads on the same Google search results page. See the screenshot below

Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes
This is how a search engine results page would appear before Google made the update. There are advertisements displayed on the right side.  
Google Ads Change

Look at the difference of how search results are displayed on Google when using a desktop. There is a huge change in the user search experience.
Google Search Text Ads Now

What does this mean for your business?

  • For business, this will mean there is an even larger focus on search engine optimization. The organic space is more valuable than ever before. Organic listings will be pushed down even further down the search page.
  • For paid search advertisers, this change will trigger higher priced cost per click (CPC) due to demand. The top of the page search is going to become more expensive.
  • This affects the experience that users have using Google. Sidebars stood out clearly as ads; now the change makes it hard for users to distinguish ads and organic results.
  • This change fits with Google’s mobile first strategy where marketers need to deliver mobile-friendly experiences. Google will deliver search rankings to sites that are optimized for mobile.
  • To achieve optimal results in paid search advertising campaigns, you must adjust and optimize. Quality score will become more of a factor with ad placement.
  • Landing page quality will affect your optimization. Conversion matters to ensure that your landing page converts.
Sample Data CPC
(Feb 2015)
(Feb 2015)
(March 2016)
(March 2016)
Data 1 $0.47 2.04% $0.73 6.05%
Data 2 $4.15 0.76% $2.32 3.35%
Data 3 $1.11 0.21% $2.57 1.44%
Data 4 $1.40 1.48% $1.50 3.95%
Data 5 $1.11 5.99% $0.97 7.87%

The data above demonstrates cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through-rate (CTR) in Feb 2015. Fast forward a year, we’ve included the data for CPC and CTR for March 2015. These samples show the difference in cost from a year ago. We are noticing that the click-through rates have gone up by 200% or more. While CPC average went up a bit from $1.59 per click to $1.61 per click. This is a very small price to pay to see your click through rate go thru the roof.

However, there are benefits to paid search from this change. Ads can use call-out extensions, site link extensions, location extensions – which were only a benefit for top-of-page ads. The quality of the search will get better as the advertisers are competing for less space.

Google has completed the removal the right side of the ads and replaced with top/bottom ads on search results pages as of February 22, 2016. This update will provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers.

Let’s Talk About What This Means for Your Business!

Contact Us to make an appointment with one of our digital experts to talk about Google’s latest update and what we can do to help your business on the Web.









Screenshot Source: http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/google-to-remove-ads-from-the-right-side-of-the-search-results-page-500767-2.png