SS Digital Media’s Favorite Super Bowl Moments

The 2017 Super Bowl was one for the records. The first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime, the game had us all at the edge of our seats. From the commercials to the halftime show, all of us at SS Digital Media found different moments to be the highlight of the night. Here’s our favorite moments from Super Bowl LI.

Nick Skislak: Budweiser – This commercial was a great reminder of how we built this country.  Amazingly inspirational.

Michael Taylor: The Verizon commercials. They were some of the only funny ones this year.

Tessa Feeley: Melissa McCarthy’s Kia commercial because she’s hilarious of course!

super bowl commercial

Amanda Friedt: Did you guys check the Justin Bieber Six Flags Meme? Classic. The drones were amazing too!

justin bieber

Krista Krautner: All of the glorious food because everyone knows indulging in taco dip and wings is the most important part of the Super Bowl… What is football?

Michael Muscat: Julian Edelman’s unbelievable catch.

justin edelman

Dave Salazar: The drones during Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. They were so well coordinated.  

Natalie Roosa: Guacamole and all of the amazing memes posted during the game.

salt bae super bowl

Allyssa Costanza: The Mr. Clean commercial was hilarious. I’m hoping my boyfriend was paying attention!

Elise Hubel: I loved the Lady Gaga Spongebob memes and the fact that they were posted within minutes of the halftime show.



What was your favorite moment from this year’s Super Bowl?


SSDM Gives Thanks

What are you thankful for? Our team reflects on why they are thankful during this holiday season. From our team to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Christmas is right around the corner, can you believe it?!

Nick Skislak: Founder

“I’m thankful for my new little lady, Eleanor. My loving bride, Amy. And all my beautiful work people. I’m thankful for this wonderful office I get to come to every day. I’m thankful for Michael Taylor showing me how to step up my wardrobe. #freshness. I’m thankful for Amanda Friedt, just for being Amanda Friedt.”

Amanda Friedt: Accounts & Operations Director

“In no particular order, but all of equal importance, I am thankful for: caffeine, my office essential oil diffuser, two Macbooks, team outings, Google, being a mom of a toddler, and of course my SS Dig family. Oh, and gluten-free cupcakes.”

Michael J. Taylor II: Creative Director

“I’m thankful for the beautiful women in my life, the fresh new line of Chuck Taylor shoes in my collection and Apple’s iOS update for Copy/Paste across all of my devices!”

Tessa Feeley: Project Manager

“I am thankful for my awesome coworkers and learning something new in the digital world here every day! Can’t forget my amazing family and friends, pups, work luncheons, chocolate and shoes too! And all things pink and sparkly of course!”

Mike Muscat: Digital Marketing Manager

“I am thankful for good music that gets the people going, a luscious head of hair that would make Rapunzel jealous, Jim Harbaugh, and that I am lucky enough to work at a place that helps me grow every day, both as a professional and as a person.”

Krista Krautner: Design Lead

“Amazon Prime, because who doesn’t love free 2-day shipping? Red hair dye, PTO, my super cool lizard, and all things orange. And I can’t forget my awesome family, friends and co-workers!”

Dave Salazar: Senior Developer

“Thankful for getting to spend more time with the SS Digital Media Fam this winter. All the delicious meals and wonderful times ahead throughout this Holiday Season, oh and the Christmas Music!”

Kelly LaFontaine: Administrative Assistant

“I am overjoyed with my family and the new additions that have come this year. The new faces that I have gotten to bond with at work and I will forever be thankful that I was introduced to Panic! At the Disco this year.”

Elise Hubel: Accounts Intern

“I am thankful that I am about to finally finish up my degree and for this awesome opportunity at SSDM.”

Natalie Roosa: Creative Intern

“I am thankful for Target, that I can reach items on a high shelf without assistance, cereal, Family Feud, lots of RAM on a Mac, and being an intern here at SSDM.”

3.14 Things I Love About the Internet

3.14 Things I Love About the Internet

Serious number significance is happening as I type. In honor of Pi Day, I’ve thought about this blog for 3.14 hours, & have typed it in 314 characters (spaces included, I’m not crazy) per paragraph. So whether you’d prefer your Pi apple, cherry, octo, or pizza; here are 3.14 things that I love about the Internet:

1. The Internet makes anything possible. The World Wide Web is at your fingertips, literally. The possibilities are endless. If I felt the need to exist in the forefront of people’s minds as Carol the 27 year old yoga instructor from Missouri, I totally could. I wouldn’t, but I could. Catfishers, I’m looking at you.

2. The joke’s on you – and you, and you, and me. Rumor has it that average joke intake per human lifespan has increased. But seriously, I can’t think of a better source for positive things existing in the world today than the people online who create all of the interesting, funny, punny, and clever jokes. Thank you!

3. What does Britney Spears look like with a dinosaur body? Now you can solve all of life’s greatest questions. There is no longer an excuse to leave your mind void of information. We are curious & nosey creatures. We just need to know things. Google doesn’t judge, it’s okay. Go for it. Usually, you don’t regret it.

4. This