America's Best Bath



As a new company, America’s Best Bath needed to create consumer confidence and assert itself as an industry authority in bathroom remodeling. Generating leads and establishing message cohesion was a must for revenue goals.



We developed a redesign for the existing web property and created a 12-month engagement strategy that would qualify the company for a targeted audience within the larger Metro Detroit area. Cohesive content and messaging for all digital advertisements provided a distinct benefit in marketing efforts.


237% increase in engagement/lead creation from the web property in the first 60 days. 117% increase in web traffic.

Extending the Brand

With no online presence, America’s Best Bath presented a unique challenge – a clean slate. The creation of a simple, clean, user-friendly website allowed us to extend the brand, both from a messaging and visual point-of-view.

Mobile Refresh

Our mobile-friendly website offers tablet and smart-phone savvy users a streamlined experience. Designed with simple, easy-to-find navigation, the mobile site allows our users to discover and contact us at any point with a click-to-call functionality.


Heavy content, publication and social marketing led to a large increase in both user engagement and lead generation.

Facebook Application

The Shower Out Loud Facebook campaign aimed to increase brand awareness by finding new fans and introducing them to America’s Best Bath. Connecting with users through various platforms, and with different – yet cohesive – messaging was integral in spreading awareness.

Marketing Efforts

Additional promotional elements such as the Spring Cleaning Checklist worked to strengthen brand visually and connect further with users. Once we had identified potential users, we sent targeted messaging through custom display and social ads.

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