SS Digital Media understands that advertising isn’t simply a union of branding, ideas and design.  When done correctly, advertising is an innovative art that inspires intense feeling from within. Whether you want to invoke nostalgia, passion or any other emotion from your potential customer, SS Digital Media has the tools you need in order to get there. From our copywriters to our art department, the main concern of our Detroit advertising agency is making sure your brand is portrayed in the best light possible to the target demographic. To put it simply, we create brands and drive sales. Contact us today and call us at 877-755-5710 to speak with an experienced advertising consultant.


Branding is a multistep process that lets your audience get a feel for who you are and form their own ideas and opinions of your identity. Let our Detroit-area advertising company execute a precise strategy that will allow for the world to see your brand exactly the way you want them to see it. SS Digital Media is the only thing standing between your brand and the emotional connection it has with its future patrons.


Logo Design

The first feature and most recognized feature of a company or brand is its logo. Our advertising agency in Detroit understands that first impressions are everything and we want your company to give a powerful first impression that represents longevity and success. The design team at SS Digital Media provides clean logo designs that deliver a clear, concise message.


From web designs to display advertising graphics, SS Digital Media has a team of skilled professionals that are ready to work with you to get the perfect design for your traditional advertising strategy or website. Deliver a piece of work to your audience that demands their attention in a subtle way. It’s time you get the awareness you deserve and drive the profit that you’ve been wanting. Let our experienced Detroit advertising company provide that for you today and contact us.