Public Relations Company in Michigan

Along with search engine marketing, our team at SS Digital Media offers professional public relations services. Our traditional and new-age public relations services help build and enhance relationships externally and internally within a company’s public. We help you connect with your audiences and the media. We house a full team of public relations professionals that will increase your exposure, connect you with traditional media outlets and gain public interest. Whether you are promoting an event, dealing with a crisis or looking for sponsorship; our team can help you!

Metro Detroit Public Relations Services

SS Digital Media offers public relations services unique to each client. We work with you to find the best possible strategies to meet your needs. Unlike most traditional public relations services we combine our strategies to incorporate integrated online brand management, press kits, search engine marketing, social media, communications and media relations. SS Digital Media services incorporate the following:

  • Traditional Public & Media Relations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multimedia
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Event Management
  • Search Integration


Traditional PR Services in Michigan

SS Digital Media Inc. utilizes traditional public and media relations strategies that include press releases, press kits, online public relations, article and content development, media lists, and more. We offer seamless integration of a wide range of strategies from online to print. We develop press kits that incorporate everything from videos to press releases, that are designed to engage the media and potential audiences. 

Social Media & Multimedia Integration

We understand the changing market place of the online industry. We work to provide you with the latest in social media trends to integrate with your public relations efforts. This aspect of our public relations strategy is vital in crisis and when there is limited time available. Online multimedia and social media are fast at reporting information to the public. When you utilize effective integrated social media strategies throughout platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more you will see fast results and easier management. 

Building Brand Awareness

When your company is looking to build brand awareness, there are a multitude of steps we take. We integrate strategies including traditional media relations, online media, search marketing, social media, blogging platforms and more. The key aspect of brand awareness is being where your audiences are. We work with you to find the best options for you when you’re in the market to build brand awareness.

Event Management

From planning to promotions, SS Digital Media offers services perfect for any event. We work with online and traditional media outlets to ensure effective promotions while utilizing our expertise in search marketing and social media. Unlike traditional public relations agencies, we offer a pioneered approach to event management. Not only do we offer a new-age way of thinking when it comes to our strategies, but we offer services that fit even for smaller budgets. Let us help you plan or promote your event today!

Search Integration Services

SS Digital Media prides itself on our expertise and knowledge of the search market. We research and implement the best techniques for your public relations efforts from a search stand point. We integrate search engine optimization and search engine marketing to reach all of your potential clients and audiences online. With a majority of people accessing tons of information and resources online daily through phones and computers, this is an important aspect for any companies communications efforts.

SS Digital Media gives you an integrated approach that traditional public relations companies just can’t give you. We offer affordable prices for all size businesses and expertise on online media. Our public relations services are tailored for your specific needs.

Our consultations are free, so contact us today! Call 877-755-5710.