Media Relations

Don’t get confused between public relations and media relations; but don’t worry if you do. Thats’s what we’re here for.

Even before the Internet, there was a huge difference between public relations and media relations. Public relations is all about how your organization is perceived by the community at large.

Media relations specifically involves building strong relationships with writers, producers, reporters and editors who are in a position to cover your story or brand. A public relations practitioner can pick up the phone and get a hearing–and often get a story for the client.

Success won’t happen on it’s own, and neither will good media coverage. A strong media relations campaign is the most effective approach to generate positive publicity, leading to a positive perception of our company. Your brand’s reputation needs to be built, enforced and communicated effectively.

At SS Digital Media, our media relations strategies go above and beyond. It’s not enough to get you an interview in the Washington Post; you need exposure, traffic and sales to make your business a success.

If you want your brand in the media, contact us today.