Michigan’s Search Engine Marketing Company

SS Digital Media offers paid search advertising services that put your brand in front of your consumers. Our CPC (cost-per-click) campaigns are custom designed with your business in mind. SS Digital Media develops and manages your accounts with the main goal of increasing sales and leads for the lowest possible cost.  We help create you effective campaigns for Google AdWords, Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter), and social media paid campaigns.

Google AdWords Effectiveness

Google AdWords is the best direct marketing medium in the history of advertising.  Never before have advertisers had the opportunity to spend $100, write a few ads, choose the right keywords, and have access to hundreds of millions of people!



Google AdWords is now a necessity if you are going to create a successful business.

We build custom Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts.

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Decrease or maintain your cost per click
  • Spend smarter
  • Find niches
  • Understand visitor value and conversion tracking
  • Create optimized Ad Groups
  • Control your bids
  • Maintain content networks and Google’s mean tricks
  • Use the best Google Tools
  • Write effective advertisements
  • Use profitable keywords only

Mastering Google AdWords requires commitment and a strong understanding of your marketplace. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in pay per click expenses.

Google Content Network

Contextual advertising is all about delivering your message to websites that fit your target demographic.  This is a strategy that is used to place advertisements on other websites all across the web.  SS Digital Media Inc. sets up and manages your content network advertisements and ensures the traffic is profitable for your business.

Keyword Bidding

As we continue to test different keywords, we also change bid levels to establish the lowest possible cost per click.  This ensures that our client’s budget is spent as efficiently as possible. SS Digital Media Inc. optimizes bid prices regularly to maximize dollars saved.

PPC Reporting

SS Digital Media Inc. reviews data on a daily basis, and provides weekly Ad Group reports.  Our reporting gives clients valuable insight into what keywords are performing most effectively.  We use this information to further grow and develop your pay per click campaigns.

Keyword Quality Score

Quality score is a number between 1 and 10, given by Google, which determines your position as well as your cost per click.  Having a high quality score allows customers to receive a lower cost per click, and gives them improved placement over their competition.  Google’s quality score is designed to flush out all of the bad websites and marketing messages and reward the good websites and relevant ad copy.

Analysis & Testing Campaigns

As part of our services, SS Digital Media will effectively test and analyze each of your campaigns. We will find the most effective keywords, and get rid of low-converting, low-quality keywords. Our CPC testing and analysis also includes ad copy testing, conversion analysis, landing page testing and optimization. Also, SS Digital Media will setup projections based on current growth and progress of your campaign, allowing for you to see an increase on your return on investment!

Our AdWords team manages hundreds of thousands of advertisements and highly targeted keywords. Through relevant ad copy and highly optimized landing pages, our Search Engine Marketing campaigns control top placement on Google.