Sponsored Ads & Stories

Getting Started in Social Media Advertising

SS Digital Media provides cutting-edge digital advertising for everything social. Our team creates innovative strategies that increase sharing and engagement of your brand and messaging. Social media advertising offers a unique opportunity to narrowly target your demographics, share with them, their friends and increase engagement and overall reach. One of the most crucial components of social media is how many followers, likes, etc. your brand has. It is directly correlated to how your audience perceives your reputation. It is the ultimate word-of-mouth advertising technique. With sponsored ads and stories, they offer a completely new way of advertising that was never available before. Share your story with your audiences and have them share it with their friends.

So What Are Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored ads are the advertisements you see on the side bar of your Facebook Page, Twitter feed, YouTube channels, etc. These types of ads let the users know, this is advertising. Unlike any other advertising before it, it allows for you to target your audiences based on variable demographics including age, sex, marital status, location, education, interests, friends and more. For example if your company is offering a new promotion on lipstick, you can target women 18 – 24, who live in a certain radius of your location, and their interest are makeup, style, fashion, friends, etc. Your audiences are more likely to engage with your brand because it’s relevant to them. Sponsored ads are all about relevance, the more the ad pertains to your audience, and the more likely they will be to engage with your brand.

What’s the Difference Between Sponsored Ads & Sponsored Stories or Posts?

Sponsored stories and posts, specifically target someone’s newsfeed and have more of an organic feel in contrast to their counter parts, sponsored ads. Sponsored posts and stories can specifically target your users friends that are not already connected to your brand. Here your audiences’ friends and followers will see that their friends are already engaging with your brand and entice them to do the same.

How We Do It

SS Digital Media can manage your social media ads for you! Not only can we take care of the creative, development, setup and management, but also we can help you define your target audiences and reach them where they are on the Web. We work hard to ensure your money is being spent when you’re customers are at, and to the audiences that are most interested in your product, services and brand. SS Digital Media sets up customized social advertising campaigns that are designed to fit you, your goals and your budget. For more information on social media advertising, call us today at 1-877-755-5710.