The Digital Future of Advertising

The world’s top brands and agencies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft gathered last week in France at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss creativity in modern advertising.

The Cannes Lions Festival is the world’s largest celebration of creativity in communications. One of the main focuses of this festival was ways that advertising industries are preparing for a digital future.

It became clear at the festival that we are about to see an absolute explosion of new types of advertising from brands. While this process is already flourishing, we may just be scratching the surface.

A number of brands discussed the ways companies use technologies, such as reality apps and data exchanges with touch, to connect with consumers through experiential marketing.

“It’s more effective to feel the brand, not see it,” noted Martin Lindstrom, brand futurist.

Nike has been one of the few brands that have taken advantage of experiential marketing.  Nike has had a 55 percent drop in television advertising spending over the past 10 years. To fill this absence, they have sponsored over 200 club teams, offering innovative mobile technology for runners and have created over 10,000 pieces of original content.

Coca Cola has been able to emphasize vibrant storytelling to create numerous connections with their audience. Coke is greatly increasing its investment in many varieties of content production to help create buzz and increase its popular culture relevance.

Throughout many conferences at the festival, it was consistently illustrated that today’s on-demand media consumption way of life require brands to create content that people choose and actually want to watch and share, rather than shoving unwanted commercials on its audience.

“Stop taking orders from Silicon Valley,” said Tim Armstrong, former Googler, referencing the importance of creating unique advertising content rather than simply settling for traditional ads.

There is a new generation of passionate online groups initiated by brands. Foot-locker recently created Sneakerpedia, a Wikipedia-style site, intended to stimulate “sneakerheads” worldwide to document the history of their own sneakers. This site has created a lot of buzz and is a great example of how a brand can promote something around topics people are truly passionate about.

The festival award for the most overall positive mentions went to Lady Gaga. The Gaga brand has quickly become globally known thanks to Gaga brand-building tools.

Lady Gaga drew in her fans by naming them “The Little Monsters” on Twitter, numbering over 11 million followers. The Gaga brand has original content with Gagavision, a video series leading up to her new album release. Gagaville has created a gaming experience that allows audiences to win song tracks by beating game levels. She is also working on product development with Poloroid on a new product line. Lady Gaga has uniquely used digital tools to distribute her content and broaden her fan base that other brands are taking note of.

The Cannes Lions festival made it known that the way of advertising is ever-changing. Brands are in need to be creative and modern to target audiences in a personal way to prepare for a digital future.

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Are You HyperLocal? Unleash the True Power of the Internet

Many automotive dealers are investing in the Internet as part of their marketing approach. They are investing in activities such as websites, Facebook, YouTube, blog sites, Twitter, and Google itself. “Many automovite experts now say that the average dealer spends 40-50 percent of their marketing budget directly on internet activites,” according to Dealer Marketing Magazine, Thomas Hensey.

This approach reaches positive ROI but because the Internet search is so broad, this can still be considered a “shot gun” approach. Instead of trying to reach everyone on the Google search engine, you need to be investing to reach the right people on the Google search engine. Not all Internet traffic is created equal. It is the use of HyperLocal activities that start reaching to the highest quality traffic.

HyperLocal marketing focuses on the Internet users in your own backyard, and it invites them to do business with their neighborhood dealer. The first thing to do is run a test by running a zip code analysis and reference it with your internet sales report. Although, your sales are coming from everywhere you may be surprised to find that they are not from you own neighborhood.

Contact your digital advertising agency for just pennies you can geo-target your exposure right where you want and need it most, locally. You can see the results for yourself, dealership that have applied this to their marketing techniques have been shocked by the sales they were missing right in their own neighborhoods.

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Is Charlie Sheen’s Twitter debut an advertising ploy?

Charlie Sheen and Bree OlsenAs the Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen continues to dominate Twitter – he picked up a staggering 1.2 million followers within 48 hours of joining the site this week.  Seems he is in cahoots with a company called, which pays celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg to endorse products on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

He explained that although Twitter does not usually verify accounts – so followers know they are dealing with the real celebrity rather than an imposter – it had made an exception in Sheen’s case because of the anticipated interest in his arrival on the website.

After all, he is out of work and apparently in need of money after Two and a Half Men was cancelled. It was said that his company’s phone had been “ringing off the hook” since the actor signed up.

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Google Introduces New Ranking System

Web Design and ManagementEveryday we discover new tips and rules regarding web design; According to Search Engine Marketing News, Google is introducing a new ranking factor to its search engine, speed.    Based on the speed of of the website, the higher the speed- the higher the website’s ranking on Google.  Currently, there are over 200 factors which affect ranking in the algorithm, and speed is now one of them.

Apparently, the speed at which a website loads matters according to Google.  Slow websites make it more difficult for users to search for and find information, and Google wants them to be able to read websites as fast as they could flip through a magazine.  Companies like Search Solutions Digital Media that engineer and maintain websites and web design ensure that they are not only rich in content, but easily accessible at a fast pace.

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How Social Media Helped Toy Story 3 Win at the Box Office

Toy Story 3 Image Social MediaSocial Media had a big part in Toy Story 3’s success at the box offices. Disney and Pixar not only used the traditional television and print medium for advertising they embarked on a reaching further by utilizing social media like Facebook and Youtube. This method helped Disney and Pixar reach audiences they wouldn’t normally reach and demographics that wouldn’t normally congregate to a Disney Pixar film.

Disney Pixar is unique in the fact they try to target older audiences then original animated films. Although, these films are directed to children they also are directed to adult audience. To help with reaching the twenty-something demographic Disney Pixar came together with an agency that specializes in search marketing and social media. Essentially, the campaign included Facebook, YouTube and movie blogging sites.

How does this apply to you? Social media and search marketing are a growing industry of advertising that can be done in a cost effective way. Marketing is no longer in the hands of media outlets such as television, radio and newspapers. New age marketing is designed for business’s of all sizes and it can be done with a range of budgets.

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